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Title: Wraith 
Series: Iron Kings MC #1 
Author: Franca Storm 
Genre: MC Romance 
Release Date: October 7, 2020 

*I received this copy in exchange for an honest opinion*

Everyone knows that the life of a group of bikers will have to be a roller coaster of adventure, excitement and danger. The passion that identifies them and that often sends a bad impression to those who are not part of that world, makes us think that, perhaps, being part of such a family is better than belonging to one that rejects us and mistreats, as so often happens.

This is the story of Wraith (Finn). A man with a twisted soul by his past of cruelty, violence and death. Although he is "retired" from MC's life, he still feels that longing and adrenaline of when he was part of a MC family. Nowadays he is sheltered in a city where nobody knows his past and where he runs a small gym to be able to pass unnoticed by whoever wants to find him.
When an old companion, who saved his life in the past, asks him to protect his daughter, Ashley, Finn can't say no, although he knows that as soon as he puts his eyes on her again, everything will be at risk for him, for her and for the unknown life he has led there.
I loved Ashley. A girl full of strength who is forced to leave that life of violence and danger on her own and who, in rebellion from her father, tries to remake her life out of there and out of everything she hates most. Although she loves her father, she cannot forget the fact that her mother died because of that life and because of the wars that her father waged against other similar groups.
Despite everything, she has a sweet heart and a caring personality. She knows how to be tough when needed, but she has a charitable and sweet soul. He dreams of Finn since she last saw him a couple of years ago so broken and so damaged, and as soon as she sees him, it seems that a flame is lit between the two of them.
Despite all the violence and action that this book brings us, we can also glimpse a lot of emotion, that naked and raw that sometimes squeezes our hearts and brings tears to our eyes.
I really do recommend!

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