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Title: Defy You 
Series: Rebel Ink #3 
Author: Tracy Lorraine 
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Release Date: October 8, 2020


I hated her defiance... 
But it made me want her even more. 
Her brother was my friend... and my boss. She was off-limits. 
Kassie Fox. 
From the first moment she looked in my direction, I knew she would be mine. 
It's impossible to stay away. 
I'm breaking all the rules... and I’m shattering the golden one I live by. 
Never trust a woman. Ever. 
The more she pushes, the more I pull. We're the same. I know what she needs. 
And I'm about to prove that she can trust one man. Her man. 

*I received this copy in exchange for an honest opinion*

This is another story that reminds me a lot of Beauty and the Beast. Even though the male character, Spike, is not a monster at all, but a super attractive and charismatic man, he is still a thug full of tattoos. However, Kas, is his weakness. His Achilles' heel. The one that is so small but that is enough to make him tremble with just one look. Only, she is the younger half sister of his best friend and boss. Zack.

It was only recently that Zack learned that Kas existed and, since that time, he tries to protect her as much as he can. Nobody better than your best friend to do it, right? Wrong! Very wrong. As soon as Kas and Spike meet, we can only see sparks everywhere. Despite being ten years younger than Spike and a miniature woman, she has a strong and resilient spirit. From an early age she got used to pain and mistreatment. She ended up having to pay the debt of a mother who died at the hands of the world of addictions.
Both she and Spike bring troubled souls and hearts mistreated by life and the people they once knew. He carries a broken heart and an ever-present distrust of women. He walks with them, he likes to be with women, but he doesn't even entrust them with a wrinkled sheet of paper. However, he feels something strong and heartbreaking for Kas. That girl full of fierce and strength who, being who she is, is completely forbidden to him. Or should be.
Both Kas and Spike will gradually find the peace they so long for. A life full of love, friendship and fulfilled goals. Without pain, without losses and without the traumas that dictated their movements and thoughts. Since the day he appears in her life and takes her out of a striptease stage and gives her heart to him even without knowing or wanting to, their lives will never be the same.

The heart wants what the heart wants, and Spike's heart wants and needs Kas to be able to heal and love again.
Honestly, I loved it! I admit that I have not yet read the two previous books and that I was a little "clueless" when I started reading this book because it is noted that the characters already have an extensive background with each other. However, I will not stop reading them as soon as I can!

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