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I loved Laney Landers before most people learned to read.
Blonde hair, blue eyes that rivaled the ocean, and an invisible halo over her head.
She stole my heart the same day she threw sand in my face.
What started as a friendship grew into so much more.
I thought she’d be my forever.
But then life threw me a curveball and I changed course.
Laney moved on and found a different happily ever after...
While I wallowed in grief and regret.
And now she’s here, reminding me that I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I loved Harrison Montgomery since the first day he saved me a seat in kindergarten.
He was my best friend, my own real-life prince.
He taught me to ride a bike and showed me how to shoot a three-pointer in basketball.
He was my first kiss.
My first love.
My first heartache.
My first everything.
I don’t believe in happily ever after anymore.
Harrison forced me to write a new ending to my story.
But seeing him again after all these years—it makes me want things I shouldn’t.
Because that chapter of my life is closed forever.
Or is it? 

*I received this copy in exchange for an honest opinion*

Personally, I really liked this second book in the Montgomery Brothers series. I have not finished reading the first one that brings us the story of Ford, the older brother of Harrison and Jack, but I think that each of the books in the series can be read separately, which will not affect the understanding of each one.
This second book brings us the love story of Harrison, the middle brother, and Laney Mae Landers.
They have known each other since kindergarten and, over the years, have become best friends and then an inseparable couple. They did everything together and, to stay together, Laney was willing to give up going to the university where they had both entered, since, due to a tragic event in Harrison's life, he had decided to stay in his hometown, next to the mother and siblings. However, and although Harrison adores Laney, he simply cannot let her ruin her life because of him and asks her to give him space, sending her to university alone.
Five years later, committed to another man, Laney is forced to return home to help her mother fight cancer. In other words, all the times that she has been avoiding returning home so as not to encounter Harrison have been in vain. She had to return and, hopelessly, deal with Harrison and the rest of the family that she once considered her second family.
Obviously, the feelings buried deep in each other's heart for so many years and in such an abrupt way, gradually come to the surface and they, especially she, will have to know how to deal with what they still feel and always they felt for each other despite all the heartbreak and pain they had when they parted.
I really liked this book, especially Harrison's relationship with his brothers and the way his whole family loved Laney and treated her as they always did, and also how her family loved all of them. 
A character that I just loved and that I won't want to miss is Jack, the younger brother who brings that humor and lightness to this book. It was Jack who basically mediated the ugliest and most intense fights that often existed between Laney and his brother. 
Anxious to see what the author is going to arrange for our cheerful stool with a huge loving heart.

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