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Run from your past… find your future.
Grace’s life depends on getting away from her past mistakes. Tyler is finally embracing his future, he just has no idea what it will be.

For Tyler, one hit changed everything.
Tyler Preston always believed he’d be an NFL star. But instead of impressing the scout, he took a hit that blew out his knee and ended his career before it even began.

For Grace, one hit changed her mind.
It wasn’t the first hit, but it was damn well going to be the last. She has to leave now, even though she hasn’t saved as much as she wanted to.

A trip around the country is supposed to give him the time to do some deep soul searching. Grace can go anywhere, just not here. With her bad choices closing in, Tyler’s offer of a ride makes her think maybe she’s better off with the devil she doesn’t know.

Georgia Grace is the newest installment in the Ticket To True Love series. Tyler and Grace are on the run, and you’ll be sure to enjoy the ride! Start reading and fall in love now.

*I received this copy in exchange for an honest opinion*

Honestly? I really liked it.
This is the kind of romance that warms our hearts. In a simple and fluid way, Savannah Kade, the author, manages to bring us a love story that is nothing short of lame. It has the right dose of suffering and pain in both characters. It also has that certain amount of mutual understanding between a man and a woman who have already had their share of strokes that life has to give in certain cases. There are those who are born to be happy all their lives and there are those who, unfortunately, are born to, at some point in their lives, see that life lived like this with so much hurt and suffering, both physical, psychological or emotional cannot continue.

So it is with our Grace, who in twenty-six years of life has already had her dose of pain and unhappiness. She decides that she cannot continue like this and, without any prior notice or plan formed, she has the opportunity to leave her present behind and try to have a better life on her own. Also Tyler, fed up with the life he leads and the pain he feels whenever he sees the person he loves out of reach, decides to leave everything behind and try to feel joy for life, on the road, with his brand new bike.

Destiny wanted these two characters to meet, in the least circumstances, unusual. Over the days they spend together, they learn a lot about each other, but is that enough for them to want to start over in each other's lives? Will those days and those confessions between the two lead them to realize that life could be much worse after all if they hadn't met?
This story warmed my heart and made me breathe faster in some more traumatic and scary situations.

I just didn't give the five stars because I think that, at some point in their journey, things could have been more loving between the two. Grace was always suspicious, which is entirely understandable, but Tyler had also given her several proofs that he was a decent and tender man. I think she could have started to open her heart a little earlier so that we could also have had more of the two together and not just the two as road mates.

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