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Corruption of the Heart 
by Jessica Manson 
Publication date: January 3rd 2017
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance

Lilith Carson was a normal girl whose parents died suddenly. She moves to a different state with her aunt, and she cuts herself off from everyone. Until one day, when her crush appears beside her in the library. From there, they fall in love, fast and hard.
Lilith finds out that when she turns eighteen, she will transform into a Vampire-Witch hybrid. When a vampire conceives a female, that female already has a mate chosen for her. When Lilith was conceived, there was a mistake. Her world is turned upside down when she must choose between two guys she barely knows.
Lilith has chosen the guy of her dreams and has settled into a life that she thinks is perfect. But nothing is ever as it seems. She will soon face the ultimate betrayal by someone she loves deeply.

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The title and the synopsis of this book really captured my attention. Haven't read a fantasy story in some time and this one seemed to me like it would be a good comeback to it. 

The story and the original idea is very well thought out, and to me, this is half way to be a pleasent and joyfull reading.

Lilith is a young orphan, about to turn eighteen. At the time of the accident that killed her parents, Lilith moved to Maine and was raised by her aunt. In the two months she was living there, she had no friends, nor was she interested in having them. She distanced herself from everyone and at school, she lived in her own bubble, keeping all her colleagues apart.
Until she meets Odin and his friends.
Odin has, for some time, been watching her from a distance, and it is not surprising that the attraction between them has been instantaneous and inflamed. It's like, they cannot keep hands of eachother. It's kind of cute the young atraction and at some point, the young love that rises between them. 
Although Lilith is still a young woman, she has been through a lot of pain in her life and, perhaps because of that, she seems to be a bitter and antisocial girl, always with crooked and fleeting answers. I have to be honest and admit that Lilith is not at all my favorite character in this book. It turned out to be Odin who managed to have some of my empathy, though he also had some phases in history that did not meet what I expected of him.
It's cool to see how Odin gradually broke Lilith's defenses and, at the same time, revealed to her what she truly was ...
After all this, I have to say that I really liked the story, although the beginning was a little slow and drowsy. The introduction of new species of vampires and witches, new powers and all the confusions inherent in a new condition of life was extremely addictive and more or less like a roller coaster from the time when all, or almost all, of the secrets are revealed.
The story ends abruptly with a cliffhanger making me, and all of the readers, to expect anxiously for the next book wich will, surely, end with all of our questions.
Jessica started writing when she was 10 years old. She started out writing poetry which has been published in several Poetry Society books as well as on the Internet. She won the Publisher’s Choice Award for her poem A Lost Soul. She has always had an addiction to reading which is what lead her to become an author. Her debut book is Corruption of the Heart.

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  1. Great review! This sounds like a fun a well written read! Glad you liked it! :)

    1. Hi Gisele, it's an honour to have your visit and your comment here :)
      I really did like the bookk and the story in it, but that ending killed me!! Is it going to be the second book, right?



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