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When Mia Allenton’s sister calls, asking her for help after finding out her husband cheated, Mia packs up her life in Montana and moves to Tennessee to be there for her and her three girls. As Mia begins to settle in, a tornado comes through, bringing along with it Talon Mayson, a man determined to prove to her that good men do exist.
Talon knows he’s got his work cut out for him when it comes to earning Mia’s trust, but slowly her walls start to crumble, and they begin to build something beautiful. Unfortunately, someone from Talon’s past isn’t happy about him being back in Tennessee, and they’re willing to do anything to prevent him from ever being happy.
Is the Boom between Talon and Mia strong enough to weather the storm that’s coming?

This was an ARC, provided to my by Give Me Books Promotions

This was one of the books that i've read this year that I liked the most. It has all. Good and vibrant characters, a good plot, family love, action and what we like the most: Love and Emotion.
I must say that Talon and Mia are perfect as they are. She is a young woman who gave it all up to go to another state to help her broken sister and her nephews. Just for that we have to love her in any way. She is living with her sister for almost six months and got a job at a car sale shop. The clients love her, the owner loves her, and.... Talon will lover her to. She is vibrant and smart as well as stuborn. By the years she learned that men are humans whom we cannot trust. Her father abandoned her, her sister's husband cheated, her ex boyfriend did nothing to fith for her when she got to go and help her sister, and as many men she knows the more she has afraid of giving her heart. Until a very confident and caring Talon comes along and swipes her of her feet. Talon is one of the most caring characters that i've had the pleasure of "meeting". He is loyal, trustworthy, hard working guy, loves all of his big, big family and with Mia was love at first site. A real and honest BOOM occurred between the two of them, and if Mia was taking her time on trusting the love that he was giving her, Talon was all in on showing her that his love was true and strong and that he would never hurt her.
I absolutly love the way that Aurora, the author, managed to introduce to us all of his family when they are so many and so, so loving people. 
The real question here is if Mia is going to open her broken heart to Talon and his all family or if, sadly, all Talon's efforts are all getting in an empty bag handed to no one.
I would really like to tell you all that happens, but I can't. You'll have to read it to feel everything that I felt, and fall in love for all this wonderfull characters.
Guess I've got to wait for you all to read it and to love it as mucha as I did. I'm also guessing that I really, really have to read all the previous books written by this author that I'm going to follow from now on.

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