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I couldn’t walk away.
It’s not who I am.
The moment I saw Rayne broken and bloodied, I knew I wasn’t leaving without her.

As the president of the Houston Defiance MC, my job is to protect. And there’s no taming the rage building inside my body, screaming at me to shield her from the husband who’s beating her day in and day out.

Taking her was never in my plans, but plans change.
I don’t care if she’s married.
Or that her husband’s a cop.

Our connection is explosive, it’s dangerous, it’s intoxicating.
And I’m fast being swept up in her storm.
It’s something I can’t ignore.

I thought the enemy was clear, and I was ready to fight.
But maybe there’s a threat we didn’t see coming?
Maybe there’s someone closer to us than we ever could have imagined.
Someone who could be the destruction of us both.

*I received this book as a gift in exchange for my honest opinion.

I really liked meeting this group of characters. Although they might be a little to much overwhelming because of all their bikes, tattoos and tough looks, they are all a bunch of softies, really.
Loved how Zero took of the mission of being the president of the Houstn Defiance clubhouse and family group. That mustn't have been easy on him, because in one moment you're part of a family that loves eachother and on the very next second you see yourself alone and in charge of such a huge task. 
Zero is the ultimate tough bad boy. Huge body, ice features and a name that comes even first than him wherever he goes. But, every bad boy has his soft spot. For Zero is Prinie and Koda, his sister and brother. It's beacause of them that Rayne takes her place on Houston Defiance and over Zero's heart. 
She's also a cop's wife. And a fight with cops are the last thing that the Houston Defiance needs.
Rayne is a sweet young lady. Too sweet in my opinion. She gets beat up every single day by his son of a b**tch husband and does absolutely nothing about it. Sure he is a cop and no one would believe her, but damn... She could always run away on her own and ask for help.  I understand that it can be hard to make that kind of change alone, but it's that or get dead. 
So, since Prinie, Koda and Rayne are rescued by ths Houston's Defiance, a lot of things will go along everyone. Since the adition of new members from the Chicago Defiance, very good and awesome people, to the battle that will surely arrive at their doors. Zero will do aht he can and can't do to protect the ones he love and maybe a little more.
Can't wait to read the next chapter of this amazing MC.

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