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Nine days have passed since Hayden got into an accident and fell into a coma. Nine days of hoping for a miracle that would allow him to wake up. Nine long, endless days.

Half of me is conquered by despair, while the other half clings to the hope that he will recover soon. I refuse to let fear and doubt overcome me. Hayden is dark and complicated, but as the days pass, I’m more determined to fight for him despite the hurdles in our way.

I have to believe that there won’t be serious consequences once he wakes up. I have to believe that we will overcome all obstacles and become stronger together.

After all, we may be both damaged, but we’re each other’s salvation.

*I received an Advanced Reading Copy copy  in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Bullied #1 and Pained #2, where we have the beginning of Sarah's and Hayden's story, Damaged #3 came to show us that love can really conquer all. There is no darkness, no fears, no insecurities or personality disorders that can split what love unites. 
Sarah and Hayden are coming from another traumatic event. After she and her mother been kidnapped and saved by Hayden (mostly), Sarah stays in hospital to regain strength and heal all her wounds. On the day that she's discharged from the hospital and living the most blissful moment with Hayden until now, (if you read the first two books you'll know what i'm saying), he gets in an accident that sends him into a coma for days, and nobody knew when or how he would (if) wake up.
Day by day Sarah remains by his side assuring him of her love and that she would never abandon him.
I really need to tell you what happens with Sarah and Hayden because of all the emotions that I've felt while reading this books, but I don't want to spoil your reading and I really want for you all to feel this story right in your mind and hearts... But I have to say..... It really blew my mind away. I was mad, sad, frustrated, offended, but most of all I always felt full of hope. Those two loved each other too much to let their love fade away because of some stressful and awful decisions or disorders. If there is pain and hate, for sure love is also present. They use to say that between hate and love it's just a thin line, and this is really true. 
If pain, sorrow and fear, hate and revenge were the feelings that always fueled their actions toward one another, love is the one feeling that can unite them and wash away all the darkness in their hearts. 
This all series has been a roller coaster of emotions since book one, and as I said on one of my Instagram posts, it is a series that went straight into my heart and it will, surely, stay there for a long time.
I really have to say that, although this is a story between teenagers and their wild emotions and hearts, this is also a wake up call to all people who eventually knows someone with BPD (Borderline personality disorder) and how we can adjust our actions towards people who suffers with this disorder. Sure that Hayden isn't the personification of this disorder, because each one of the people who has this problem acts differently. It really differs from person to person according to their personalities. 

Loved all the characters although many of them gave me the wish of slapping them in the face just to them to wake the f**ck up, but it all combines in a great, great book from this new author that i now will, surely, follow with attention. Loved all the poems, were they dark or love full, that Hayden wrote to her exposing all his soul and feelings. Letting her in his toughs and heart. Also loved how Vera Hollins ignites the fir between them with only a few words like the ones that describes when they used to look at each other or when he would fall into a spiral of pain and hate and she was always there to catch him on his fall and reassure him of her love and dedication.

I'm highly recommending this book and all the other from this series.



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