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One week. No strings. Sexy stranger. What could go wrong?

My name is Julia McDowell. I’m not the pretty girl next door, I’m the boss at work who solves all your problems. I’m an awkward genius with the worst taste in boyfriends; the last one left me with a 6-figure debt to prove it.

So, when the most swoon-worthy man alive saves me from a psychotic tree, who am I to say no to a drink? He’s sweet yet powerful with a darkness I can’t place. I should be terrified of him, but I find myself drawn to him in ways I’ve never experienced. He says I’m his guiding light, that our hearts beat to the same melody. But I’m not looking for forever, and he has his own demons to slay.

We agreed to one week, no strings. It will have to be enough. It’s definitely enough, more than enough, until it’s not.

I’m ready to throw our one-week rules out the window when tragedy pulls us apart. It would take a miracle to find our way back to each other, and life is no fairytale. With no happily ever after in sight, will our hearts learn a new rhythm? Or will heartache become our new theme song?

*I received an Advanced Reading Copy copy in exchange for an honest review.

So, I must say that I was really looking forward to read about Trevor's and Julia's story since I've finished the first book of this awesome Broken Hearts series, "Cross My Heart", that give's us the lovely love story between Dex and Lanie, that I also loved to read. 
Avery Maxwell gives us the most impressive characters. Each one of them are a must know person. Trevor, Julia, Dex, Lanie, Loki, Preston and all the rest of the people that gives us so much tender and positive vibes. I really would love to be a part of this big and awesome chosen family.
Trevor's and Julia's story comes way back, even first then Dex and Lanie's love. They've met under some circumstances that were, at least, hilarious. Julia has the most funny and crazy way to express all her feelings and, with her, we can always tell what she's thinking because she, literally, says it out loud for everyone to hear. i guess that this was one of the most important virtue that made Trevor to love her. With Julia I've had so much fun and real released so many laughters because of her that it made me belly aches (lol). She could really be my puffin (when you read the book you'll understand what i mean). 
She is absolutely something else and only Trevor could be her one and only. Trevor is a caring and loving man that comes a long way of loneliness and fear since his mother died, and to have known someone like Julia, it literally blew his mind and heart away. Since he met Julia he would never be the same. 
Although this book is about these two characters, I think that it also served to explain us more of Loki. Since he is someone who always maintain his life as secret as he can from his friends. Now we know why he does that, and I must say that, if I already liked Dex's friends and family, after this book I really love them. 
I could tell you so much more of what I've read, but it would always be little to make you realize how much I liked this all "universe" of family love and safety.
This book has much more action than the first one, since we have, as I said, a bigger inside of Loki's life that grants this story more danger and more sense of "must protect". He will, for sure, do everything and beyond to secure all the people that are his chosen family and that he truly loves. 
I must say that i'm really also looking forward to read more of Loki and also Preston. They really are major important characters and this all series would not be the same without them.
Please, may the third book comes out soon!!

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