My Opinion - "The Spinster Bride" Jane Goodger

Mr. Charles Norris needs help finding a wife…
For he has the unfortunate habit of falling for each Season's loveliest debutante, only to have his heart broken when she weds another. Surely Lady Marjorie Penwhistle can help him. She's sensible, clever, knows the ton, and must marry a peer, which he is not. Since she's decidedly out of his reach, Charles is free to enjoy her refreshing honesty—and her unexpectedly enticing kisses…

Lady Marjorie Penwhistle doesn't want a husband…
At least not the titled-but-unbearable suitors her mother is determined she wed. She'd rather stay unmarried and look after her eccentric brother. Still, advising Mr. Norris is a most exciting secret diversion. After all, how hard will it be to match-make someone so forthright, honorable, and downright handsome? It's not as if she's in danger of finding Charles all-too-irresistible herself…


How can I ever tell you how much I liked this story?

I admit I was not expecting anything like this, that's for sure!

The characters are funny and very smart. Full of intensity.
Marjorie and Mr. Norris in my view are the perfect couple. If at the beginning Charles Norris only used the "special character" of Marjorie's brother to take advantage over her and cause her to help him find a bride, over the days and all furtively exchanged tickets, begins to rise a very strong feeling among the two of them and if it was not for the aversion that her mother felt for Norris, they would have married as soon as they realized that love that rammed altogether. 
It's required to keep up appearances, like the two didn't knew eatchother, and they really think about being caught in compromising situations to be forced to marry against the wishes of Marjorie's mother.

This story has everything: humor, mystery, passion, tears and scenes very, very hot.

I was very glad to be able to read this wonderful story!

I absolutelly recommend!

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